Landfills are disposal facilities for waste. There are many types of waste:

· Domestic and municipal solid waste

· Industrial waste

· Contaminated materials

· Hazardous waste

The objective of a landfill facility is to contain the waste in a manner that is protective to human health and to the environment.

Landfills perform by controlling and managing the movement of fluids (i.e. liquids and gasses) around, into and out of the contained waste volume.

Geosynthetics serve two purposes in this application:a. Base barrier system functions:2-2.jpeg

    · To minimise the escape of leachate into the foundation· To prevent contamination of groundwaterb. 

Cap barrier system functions:

    · To control moisture filtration into the waste· To collect gas flows from the waste· To prevent odours, and sources of disease

    · To meet erosion, aesthetic and other functional criteria

Acting as liquid and gas barriers, geomembranes have become a fundamental component in civil engineering, due to the heightened need for groundwater and environmental protection. High density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes, specifically those with a certification by government regulators and thickness' of more than 1.5 mm, are most commonly used. We offer a full range of HDPE geomembranes made to the highest quality using virgin polymer.Geomembrane structures, coated materials as well as related construction elements must often be protected from potential mechanical damage. Without suitable protection, damage may occur from sharp-edged objects such as stones, from the unevenness of the subsoil or even by the cover material. Mechanically bonded needle-punched nonwovens as well as composite materials manufactured from polypropylene (PP) are commonly used for protection layers. We offer highly protective cushion geotextiles when high levels of protection are required.

In many situations, the use of the geosynthetic clay liner can be used to replace the importation of natural sealing clays at a saving to the landfill owner and to the environment. The geosynthetic clay liner can additionally be coated with a polyethylene to give greater levels of safety in containment and reduce desiccation issues, root penetration issues and extend the soil type usage against possible ion exchange issues that may be an issue with conventional geosynthetic clay liners.

2-3.jpegDrainage materials are required for the surface collection of precipitation, the subsurface collection and diversion of groundwater, as well as the general collection of fluids (including gases) and their discharge into a drainage system (or gas collection system).

The use of a geonet or geocomposite is effective as a drainage system.

 The full range of products are durable and ensure a long service life. Compared to conventional construction methods, they are also typically more economical, consume less space, save resources, and reduce installation costs.


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